Via the EmK (UMC) Blog

Church is community, and church buildings are places where we encounter one another (and God). The importance of such opportunities for meeting others is now felt, as they are inaccessible to us. 

At a time, when church buildings have to remain closed and we cannot be physically close to each other, we want to explore new ways of staying connected with each other. The EmK Blog offers a virtual space, which aims to connect people in tangible ways: through prayer, joining to listen to God’s Word, music, singing, and meditative images. And by the things we share online.

Here we will offer new ideas for such connections on a near-daily basis.

What can I find on the EmK Blog?

Every Sunday there will be an outline for Worship at Home – with prayers, readings, music, and hymns/ songs, and with a sermon that can be read or listened to. These resources will be available in German and in English.

Every Tuesday there will be a (German) reflection based on a hymn or song in the EmK Hymn Book. gibt es jeweils eine Liedandacht zu einem Lied aus dem methodistischen Gesangbuch. 

Am On Wednesdays we invite you to join us in prayer (ideally somewhere between 5 – 9 pm). Each week we will publish a liturgy for these prayer times in German and in English. Your prayer requests can be sent to laden wir dazu ein (möglichst in der Zeit zwischen 17 und 21 Uhr) mit uns zu beten. Auch dazu gibt es wöchentlich eine kurze Anleitung auf Deutsch und Englisch. Ihre Gebetsanliegen nehmen wir gerne darin auf (

On Thursdays Superintendent Stefan Schröckenfuchs will offer a short video with a reflection (in German).

Every Friday, we will share contributions sent to us from the churches: images and blessings, music, texts. Your contributions can be sent to:

On Saturdays, there will always be an idea for activities and worship with children – to replace the currently missing Sunday School sessions, which form such an integral part in the life of many of our churches.

From all our churches!

The contributions and services are sent from the different congregations of the EmK (UMC) Austria, and are intended to be an invitation to all – beyond the boundaries of individual churches and congregations! This is a way of living out the Methodist Connexio in new ways: being connected with each other beyond the physical boundaries of our congregations. 

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome (